Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve Adventures

It has been so warm lately that I don't even have to wear my coat when I go outside. It was even warmer the day before the night a big fat guy wearing a red suit broke into our house.  Because it was so nice outside, we drove to the river and played at the water's edge that day.

The muddy sand was fun to run in and sniff at. So many smells!

My boy wanted me to play fetch, but I didn't bring it back very often so that was a fail. There were too many other things to see and do!

The river was so interesting. I wanted to know what was in it, and what it smelled like, and learn all about it.

 Then we drove over to another place and walked through the woods to see more water. Mom made me sit on the side of the bridge where there weren't holes, and I wasn't happy because I wasn't right beside mom, but I stayed because I didn't like when my feet fell through.

Me and my boy posing. I stayed when I was told here, too, because it was kind of tall. And plus I'm a good listener.

The water there was really fun! It was moving fast and there were lots of rocks to walk out onto. I hope we get to go back again sometime!

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