Monday, December 29, 2014

Errands With Mom

Mom and I went to town to get some errands done today. She made me stay in the van while she rented some movies, and we donated some things to Salvation Army together, and then she went through the drive-through at Sheetz convenience store and got us each a hot dog.  She also got herself a drink but didn't get me one. I tried to lick hers but it had a lid on it so I couldn't taste much.

Turns out, hot dogs are tricky things to eat when you're in a van. Who knew?

I licked the bun for a while but it started getting soggy and falling apart. Also the hot dog just rolled out. Where DID that thing go?

I looked under the wrapper, but it wasn't there. Hot dogs are sneaky things.

I finally found it, and got a bite in, but it rolled right off the seat and down beside the door. My hot dog got away, because hot dogs are sneaky things when they're in a van.

After that fiasco, mom went to the grocery store and I had to stay in the van by myself. But I spent my time wisely while she was gone. I am learning to drive! Today, I mastered the turning signal and windshield wiper. She was so surprised by my new skills when she turned on the van and realized what I'd done.

I'm the smartest dog ever. Next week, I'll be driving myself to get hot dogs.

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