Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That Cat, Percy

You know what I love? Treats. A lot. I love treats.

I also love playing. Mostly with things that aren't my toys.

I love the other dogs here.

I love chasing chickens, if they're outside.

I love running with the pack.

I love being with mom.

And I even love the cat.

There's this cat that lives outside, and he's fun to chase because sometimes he runs. Sometimes he doesn't, though, and that's not as fun, so I try to goad him into running because chasing is so much fun. Here's the thing though; cats don't play like dogs. Cats don't herd well, and cats don't get the point when you push them into running. If a cat doesn't want to run, a cat just won't run. Cats aren't good at rules.

I still like the cat, though, because sometimes he runs and I get to chase him.

The cat, not playing by the rules. He wanted to be all friendly-like. That's not how we play!

The cat, reminding me that now is not the time to play chase.

The cat TELLING me that if anyone is going to be chased, it's me.

Me, pestering that cat when he's trying to just walk away because he clearly wanted to play when he tried to chase me, right?

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