Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Best and the Worst of Times

It was the worst of days. It was the best of days.

Let me 'splain.

Mom got ready to leave the house, and didn't lock me up, so OF COURSE I was going to get to go with her. I LOVE GOING WITH MOM IN THE CAR. But then she put a leash on my sister, Margo, and told me to stay. I knew she didn't mean me, so I tried rushing out the door. Can you believe she put her foot out to block me? I tried the puppy eyes trick on her, but it has become clear to me that I need to work on that. I also need a mirror in my crate so that I can practice my puppy eyes and test their effectiveness.

I spent the next few hours running between the doors, begging mom to come back. The betrayal hurt. When she did come home, she only petted me for a little bit, but then focused more attention on Margo. She held Margo on her lap. She said something about hot compresses and vet and other things, but all I know is that Margo was being loved and I was most certainly not. I ignored mom, to show her how angry I was, even though I was sitting right next to her, because she may have a change of heart and shove Margo off her lap and hold me instead.

Ignoring mom.

Still ignoring mom, but keeping an eye on her. You know, in case she changes her mind.

Definitely ignoring mom, and letting her know that I'm just peeved with her at this point.

Showing mom who is boss by sleeping in the dog bed without a pillow. She'll have all sorts of guilt if I have to sleep on a hard bed. Mom took the pillow this morning as further punishment to me. She mentioned something about needing washed after I peed on it. Blah blah blah

That was the worst of days. The best of days immediately followed this. That whole sleeping on a hard bed thing worked (bonus points for me!), because when mom left again, she took me with her. I not only got to ride in the front of the van when Frank had to ride in the back (I was gracious, though, and went back to rub it in check on him frequently), but then I got to go visit everyone I love at the vet's office after Frank got all the bad stuff out of the way for me. (Way to take one for the team, Frank! You're a good guy.)

After we came home, I spent an hour sleeping at mom's feet in the sewing room. That's the place where no other dog is allowed except me, so that proves that mom still loves me best. Despite the worst beginning to the day, it sure ended well.


  1. Oh no! Not paying attention to you is just wrong! You have such a great "stinky eye" look...I am sure she felt guilty.

  2. We demand cuddles! It is only fair! - Gilligan from wagsahoy.com