Friday, December 12, 2014

The New Coat

I love wearing coats. I get all kinds of excited when mom gets a coat out, and I sit still and extend my neck so she can slip it over my head. I then get to walk around and show off to the other dogs that I got a coat and they don't. It's so fun.

This is my new coat. I'm loving it, but it's warm for indoors. This pretty much means that it's my to-go coat, and that's really fun because that means that I get to go.

Except tonight. I wasn't allowed to go tonight. I was pretty mad about that, and I refused to go in my crate when mom left the house. I made her pick me up and put me in there because I wasn't going in all by myself just out of principal. I get a new to-go coat, and can't even go. There's something messed up with that.

But hey, that's a swell looking coat that I've got. Just wait until Cooper notices this one.

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