Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Silver Biscuit Saga

I like helping mom with All The Things. I help lick the dishes clean when she loads them in the dishwasher, I help clean food off the floor, I help round up the cat, and I even help destroy toys so she has an excuse to buy us more. I like to be helpful. I know what a bonus that is to mom.

Mom made some ornaments for a dog themed Christmas tree the other day. She spray painted real Milk Bone dog biscuits with silver paint, hot glued a red ribbon loop on them, and set them aside to dry. I wanted to help her with that, too, but she said I wasn't allowed.

Because I like to be helpful in All The Things, I snuck back to the bones when mom wasn't looking to be sure they were drying well. I couldn't really tell to just sniff, so I tested one. With my mouth. Yep, they were dry. Mom would be happy to know that.

Later that day I was eating a beef trachea (yum!) and a piece got caught in my throat. I kept hacking until it was unstuck. It was one of those fun times that I actually hack hard enough to bring up lunch. Eating it a second time is just as good as the first! But mom heard the hacking and came to see if everything was alright. She wouldn't let me eat my lunch again. I just like being helpful in cleaning up messes, too.

Mom saw a red ribbon with hot glue on the ends of it in my mess. She cleaned up my lunch and called the vet. That was the day we learned that if you're going to eat a spray painted dog biscuit, waiting until the paint is dry is key to not poisoning yourself. I also learned that if you eat silver spray paint, you don't poop glitter. It was a little disappointing.

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