Sunday, January 4, 2015

Couch Time

The new year didn't start out so fun for mom because the cold she had for 3 weeks finally got the best of her and she ended up at the doctor's office for meds. I like the vet way better than the doctor's office, because I can go to the vet but not to the doctor with mom. She said the cough medicine she got was killer, though, and has completely taken care of her cough.

While the weekend wasn't the best for mom, it was not so bad for me. Because mom lost a lot of sleep coughing, she was really tired over the weekend and we snuggled on the couch together for several hours so she could rest. I don't like when mom is sick, but it does have its benefits.

Maybe tomorrow mom and I can get outdoors and go for a walk. I helped her rest really good this weekend.

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