Wednesday, January 7, 2015


You know that thing where I'm the only dog allowed upstairs, and willing to go to the basement? That changed. Margo decided that she'd brave the steps and join me in the basement when mom goes to sew.

I'm not sure what I think of this. At first I was pretty excited to show her around, because it's my own little domain and I had a guest there. But Margo is a take-charge kind of dog and likes to show herself around, so she pretty quickly told me that I didn't need to play the host. I sat on my pillow at mom's feet, because I didn't know what else to do, and mom was sewing. That's my spot when she sews.

Margo chewed my bones. She'd found my stash. Mom set up a bed for her, and she took my bones to her bed. All of my bones. She looked happy. I was not.

Margo got tired of chewing my bones in her bed, so she explored the basement. She tried to sleep on mom's stack of sweaters to be turned into dog coats. Mom said no. I was secretly happy. She found a tennis ball. We played with that together and it was really fun. Maybe having Margo in the basement would be a good thing after all! And then she chewed the ball into tiny pieces so that was the end of the fun.

While I was sniffing the remains of my tennis ball, Margo went to sleep on my pillow at mom's feet.

That's not cool at all.

I don't like Margo in the basement.

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