Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Margo Saga

So that dog Margo has been in the news a lot lately. And here I thought this was my space. Today is about her as well, and let me tell you, mom is none too happy with her. But it has a happy ending. For me. So I'm okay with how things went down.

Margo is a skilled lady. She can open her crate door all by herself. Sometimes, when mom is in town, Margo will get out and wander around the house all by herself because the rest of us are locked up and have no choice but to just watch her. This doesn't exactly sit well with us, of course, because it's just not fair. All I keep thinking is how mom is going to be unhappy with her, and I'm always right. That's because I know mom best.

The other day, Margo got out while mom was at church. Mom came home and made Margo sit in her crate with the door wide open for an hour for her punishment. I tried really hard not to walk by and taunt her with the toys I had. I can't be blamed if I just wanted to sit in the dog bed right in front of her crate and enjoy a good chew on my nylon rope, can I?

Sunday evening when the family went to church again, mom locked Margo up and then stooped down to look her right in the eyes. She told her to stay put. I know that mom means business when she talks like that, because mom and I are close that way. I always listen to mom. Margo does not. She got out after the family left. AND THEN SHE LET HER PUPPIES OUT.

Margo was in big, deep trouble.

Margo and the puppies played and played and played. They took mom's shoes and all the toys and they ran all over the house and had a good time. I kind of wanted to play with them, but I know that when I'm put in a crate that I'm supposed to stay there. Plus, I didn't want to get yelled at like Margo would when mom got home. I never do anything to make mom mad like she does. I'm good. Margo is not.

The boys got home first and locked up Margo and the babies, but mom still knew because mom is smart that way. Plus the boys told on her, because she deserved it. But Margo's new punishment is to sleep in my crate now because the latch is different and she can't get out. My crate is small and Margo's crate is big. I got an upgrade! And mom put in my ginormously large pillow, too, so now my crate is like a castle. I love it. I thank Margo every day for it. She's a good dog to share.

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