Saturday, January 24, 2015

We Ran Away From Home

Sometimes mom goes away, and I don't like that. I don't like when she leaves overnight and doesn't take me with her. I mean, I don't even like when she goes grocery shopping and doesn't take me with her! It's even worse when she is gone for a few days, or a week, and there I am at home with the other dogs like I'm just a dog. So mom and dad packed up some suitcases and loaded them into the van, AND THEY TOOK ME WITH THEM.

It was so much fun! We rode in the van and I watched things fly by, and I couldn't wait to see what I was going to get to do when we arrived at where we were going. Were we going to hike in the woods? Walk along the river? Play at the beach? Ooooh, the fun that was sure to be awaiting!

So we arrived at a house, and mom and dad unpacked the van and took a crate inside for me, and I am very confused. Are we living here now? Without the kids and other dogs? This isn't cool. At all. One time they let me at the new house while they went away, and I was SO HAPPY to see mom, and then after snuggling on the couch together with her for a few hours, it was bedtime. I wasn't happy being in my crate in a strange place. This is scary.

In the morning, mom and I snuggled on the couch again for a while, and then she put my coat on and I got to leave with her and dad again, but not before dad made me go outside without mom to help him get firewood. Dad tried to make me leave mom, and now I'm not any more sure of dad than I am of this whole trip thing. Life has become really, really confusing.

In town, I had to stay in the van while mom and dad shopped, and that was stressful, too. All the people that walked by, and mom wasn't one of them. I missed mom. A lot. But then? She came back! And she took me to Sheetz and got me 2 hot dogs all to myself! That's how I know mom loves me even if she has to leave me sometimes.

Mom took me into a store with her after lunch! That was fun, because she carried me, but then in the next store she put me in a cart and started pushing me around. OHMYGOSH, I was moving and mom wasn't carrying me! I tried to jump out, so mom put me in the baby seat and petted me until I calmed down. You know what? Being pushed around a store in the baby seat is kind of not a bad thing. You can see a whole lot of people all seeing you, and it's kind of fun. And relaxing. And I was with mom.

I'm really not sure about this whole "new house" thing, though. I mean, it's just mom and dad and me. Why did they leave the kids? And the other dogs? And are we ever going home? For now, I'm just not letting mom out of my sight, and enjoying snuggles on the couch as much as I can.

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