Sunday, March 1, 2015

Road Trip!

I went on a road trip with mom this weekend! It was a good weekend.

Cooper, one of the french pack here, found a forever home in upstate New York with a very wonderful family that promises that she'll be an only dog the rest of her life. That's what she really wants to be so she never has to share or be anxious over what the rest of us are doing. Mom met them part way, which meant that Cooper and mom and I went on a road trip together.

I got to ride up front, because I'm mom's special favorite dog. Cooper had to ride in the back. I tried not to rub it in by doing things like looking at her, so I pretended that she wasn't there and focused solely on looking out the window or napping. Napping is always safe. Plus I'm mostly too small to look out the window and mom sometimes tells me to get down off the arm rest. She only yells at me when I accidentally put the window down, though.

We introduced Cooper to her new family, and then it was just mom and I for the rest of the trip. Mom stopped for gas and I had to stay in the van while she went inside the gas station. She came out with a treat! I didn't know that gas stations had dog treats in them! It was so delicious, and made with all natural ingredients. Those are the best kind. Mom also got rawhide bones for me and Margo and Jill. I sat on mine the whole way home so that it smelled like me and the girls would know to let it alone. I also tried to lick mom's Pringles. They smelled salty.

Mostly, I had a great day, because I got to spend 5 hours with mom. I can't wait until we go road tripping again!

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