Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Other Road Trip

Road trips with mom seem to be the thing this week. I'm not complaining! We went on a trip together yesterday. I wore my going away coat, we hopped into the van, and away we went.

We drove and drove, and went around turns and looked at things and kept driving. It wasn't as long as the other day's trip, but it seemed slower because we slowed down and made a lot of turns. They kept waking me up.

I'm never sure where we're going or what we'll be doing, but as long as I'm with mom, it's all good.

At least that's what I thought until we got to where we were going. We made that whole trip just so mom could get another darn cat! Can you even imagine? She has me! Why would she need another cat? Cats aren't nearly as fun as dogs. True story. Ask any dog.

I sat with mom on the way home and didn't even budge in my seat, because I wanted That Cat to know that mom was mine and it wasn't going to come between us. When we got home, I pretended that it wasn't even in the back of the van, because that's how much I don't even care about That New Cat. Then mom let it out.

I barked at it.

I couldn't help it! It's a cat! And I needed to tell him to stay away from mom because she's all mine. He ran away very fast. I win.

I haven't seen that cat since I barked at him. That'll teach mom to get new cats!

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