Monday, May 25, 2015

Cleaning By Osmosis

Today was such a fun day! Mom was home all day long, and we played outside most of the day. I got to help round up chickens (I'm very good at that), I got to help garden (I dug up a bone to chew on), I got to have a play date with another frenchie. It was a fantastical kind of day.

Mom says I probably need another bath before that big trip, because I played so hard. Maybe if I don't play much tomorrow it'll take care of that bath. Right?

Here's me, trying to sleep off the dirt. I think it's working.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Holiday!

I got to visit the cabin today, and the whole family went along. I love that place, when I don't have to stay for days on end without the other dogs. There is so much to sniff, and things to see, and always stray food to eat when a picnic is involved.

But let me tell you, when you spend the day running and sniffing and seeing, and stress a little bit when mom goes into stores where you can't follow, and the air is cool and the sun is warm, it will plumb wear a pup out.

I'm wishing everyone an equally wonderful holiday in the outdoors, surrounded by those they love.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Gift of Time

So lately, mom has been packing some of my things into a very large bag. It's the very type of bag that she uses when she goes away and leaves me for a few days, only this time she's packing both her things and mine, too. So I sat down with mom and had a chat with her. A pup needs to know what's going on.

Here's the thing: we're going away together. Who saw that coming?

Mom then told me the 411 on the whole situation. Turns out, she knew about this way back months ago and didn't even tell me until now.

There's this conference for pet bloggers (or pet owners or pet lovers or people in the pet industry...) called BlogPaws. It's held in Nashville this year, and boasts over 500 attendees, many of whom bring their pets with them. Because it's a pet lovers conference!

Mom saw that someone was giving away a ticket for this conference, and after a weekend of waiting, she was chosen as the winner! I knew mom was excited about something that day, but figured it was because she just bought a new bag of dog food. What else would someone be excited about?!

That someone that gave mom the ticket was the owner of SmartCookee. SmartCookee is an all natural, organic dog treat company. They make crazy good things for dogs, and mom says it's very healthy, too. The owner of the company had purchased a ticket to BlogPaws, but ended not being able to attend, so she chose mom and I go to in her place.

You guys, we are going to Nashville. Next week. I don't know what Nashville is. Next week is a long way off. But mom is packing my things into a travel bag and she and I are going away together for many days. Mom and I time is always good. No, it's great. I have no idea what BlogPaws will be, or what Nashville is, or when next week will come, but mom time is GREAT. And we have SmartCookee to thank for all this one-on-one time!

Thank you, SmartCookee! I'm sorry that you can't attend yourself and spend one-on-one time with your dog for many days, but I'm so glad that you gave that gift to mom and I.

Monday, May 4, 2015

It Was A Mom-Weekend!

I had a super fantastical weekend with mom. She took me to another craft show, and I got to meet lots and lots of new people. While that part isn't always as fun as it sounds (people are scary, okay?), they did pet me. When I wasn't hiding behind mom's legs. She shared a sloppy joe with me, and it was delicious. I have decided that I love craft show food.

And then we went to the park and took a walk to the lake. That was fun, too, because I was with mom and the boys. But mostly with mom. I got to sniff the water and sniff in the woods and sniff where other dogs walked and sniff at sticks and mud. It was a great day at the park, because sniffing and spending time with mom are two of my favorite things.

Mom thinks she's funny, however, when she makes me stay with someone else to get a picture. I see her. And she's not with me.

Friday, May 1, 2015

My New Best Friend, Luke

You know what I learned today? I learned that boys are super fun to play with. I have been playing with Micah for a while (that boy is fun, and he gives treats!) but I learned that Luke is fun to play with, too. Who knew that boys could be a dog's best friend? I always thought that's what mom's job was. Boys wrestle with you, and play all sorts of fun games that mom doesn't do. I know it sounds crazy scary, but it's not! Color me shocked.

I decided that I like Luke so much that I chose to sit with him while mom was folding laundry. Luke is a really cool guy, but he said he doesn't like being licked in the face. That's just weird. Who doesn't like a good licking on the lips?