Monday, May 4, 2015

It Was A Mom-Weekend!

I had a super fantastical weekend with mom. She took me to another craft show, and I got to meet lots and lots of new people. While that part isn't always as fun as it sounds (people are scary, okay?), they did pet me. When I wasn't hiding behind mom's legs. She shared a sloppy joe with me, and it was delicious. I have decided that I love craft show food.

And then we went to the park and took a walk to the lake. That was fun, too, because I was with mom and the boys. But mostly with mom. I got to sniff the water and sniff in the woods and sniff where other dogs walked and sniff at sticks and mud. It was a great day at the park, because sniffing and spending time with mom are two of my favorite things.

Mom thinks she's funny, however, when she makes me stay with someone else to get a picture. I see her. And she's not with me.

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