Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bikes and Boats and Brawlers, OH MY.

So yesterday, huh? All those months when mom worked and I was home alone (woe is me) are being made up for this summer. Mom and I spend nearly all day together, and she takes me with her so often. A pup could really get spoiled like this.

Yesterday I thought it was going to be a nice quiet day at home, because that's how it started out. And then, just about time I was ready to lay down and take a long nap at mom's feet, she put on her motorcycle helmet and called me outside. I remember the last time she did this, and bad things happened. This time, however, the Black Box of Death wasn't on the bike, and instead mom stuffed me into a large piece of fabric that she called a sling.

You know what? That sling thing is pretty okay! I got to sit on mom's lap the whole ride, and it was very nice. Turns out, I WIN. Safety second, huh? (Mom said it was totally safe, so maybe it was safety first.) I was so relaxed that my paws just flapped in the breeze. But duh; I was sitting on mom's lap. And I really do love riding the motorcycle when I'm not in the Death Box.

But that's not all! The motorcycle took us to a new house that I'd never been to, and then we walked to a lake and got on a boat. I've never been on a boat before, but that's beside the point. Mom was getting on that boat so I needed to be on that boat, too. That's how I roll.

Turns out, boats are even more fun than motorcycles. I get to sit with mom and walk around, too. It's a pretty leisurely way to spend an afternoon. Mom and I had a great time just relaxing together. 

I learned a lot yesterday on that boat. First of all, safety is always a concern. Frenchies aren't very good swimmers, so life jackets are beautiful things.

I also learned how to drive the boat, because one never knows when that kind of useful knowledge will come in handy. In the event that we're ever kidnapped and dropped onto a deserted island with a spare boat sitting around, I can totally get us to civilization that sells dog food. 

Just about time I thought the day was complete, mom shook things up again. She said the life jacket that I chose wasn't a good fit, so she outfitted me with a contraption that had the word "infant" on it. Which I'm not.

And then she did something that made me question her sanity. She put me on a raft. Behind the boat. In the water. We were only attached to the safety of the boat by a very thin rope. AND THEN THE BOAT STARTED DRIVING OFF. 

As long as I'm with mom, life isn't too bad, but I'm just going to admit that sometimes, keeping up with mom is a hard life for a dog. That thing with the words Super Brawler on the side wasn't my favorite part of the day, truth be told. Things were alright as long as the ride was smooth, but when mom started jumping like popcorn in a pan, I just decided that life jacket or not, things weren't safe any longer, and I hid behind mom because I just didn't want to see what was coming. Which was probably our deaths. Thankfully the boat stopped and let us catch up to it again. They must have changed their minds and decided not to kill us after all. Thank goodness.

After that, dad and I just chilled and watched the boys try to cheat death. Weirdly, they seemed to be having a good time back there, but I much preferred the safety of the boat.

Despite the death threat on the water, yesterday was a pretty amazing day. Spending time with mom is always an adventure, and I'm game to try anything once.

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