Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dr. Harvey's GIVEAWAY Of Super Great Stuff

A pup in the country is just going to get dirty on occasion. Sometimes I find amazingly aromatic things to roll in when the farmers clean out their barns and spread brown stuff on the fields behind the house, and sometimes mud just finds me when I'm trying to enjoy myself in the great outdoors.


Let's call that "camouflage," shall we? You barely noticed that mud, am I right?

Mom and I have differing opinions on what a clean dog is. I think as long as there are no burrs stuck to my coat or anything sticky on me, I'm good to go. Mom, however, pretty much thinks dirt is evil and needs washed off.

Play in mud? Get a bath

Roll in poo? Get a bath.

Run through puddles and splash mud on myself? Get a bath.

It's ridiculous, this bathing thing.

I was super excited to get a box in the mail the other day, because it smelled so yummy. It was from the good people at Dr. Harvey's, whom I'd met at BlogPaws. I loved the Dr. Harvey's people! It's pretty fun when the 2-leggers get down on the floor to play with me. And they had some super amazing treats, too. I'm all about the treats.

There were all kinds of mouth-watering treats in that box, because a dog's nose doesn't deceive him, but there was also shampoo in that box. Shampoo that mom used to make me clean because she said it was time I had a bath. I WASN'T EVEN WEARING ANY MUD. Moms are clean freaks. It was herbal shampoo, and mom said its organic and chemical free. She loved it for that reason alone.

If you don't tell mom, it felt pretty good to be clean. Mom put some extra towels in my crate since she bathed me just before bedtime, and when she wasn't looking I rolled in them and burrowed under them and had a great time, because being clean makes you happy.

But don't tell mom I said that. No Louie Licks for snitches.

That shampoo was mighty fine, and didn't dry out my skin like some others do. Mom said it's a definite keeper. The timing of this box couldn't have been better. It had ear cleaner in there, too, and mom just told my vet the day before that my ears were looking pretty waxy. They're not now! Dr. Harvey's cleaned me right up and made me look like a respectable pup again.

I endured the bath without complaint, because I knew those good smelling treats were coming my way afterward. I was right, too. Mom gave me and the girls each a piece of Barkotti, because getting clean deserves a special reward.

Barkotti is an organic, homemade biscotti for dogs. It's made of people food, but we're not going to allow you to eat it just because you don't always share your food with us. That's how the game is played, right? Our food; your food. No share the food.

Except sometimes when you share yours with me, I'll be more than glad to break the rules.

There are all sorts of other fun things in that Dr. Harvey's box, too, like the Power Patties that my mouth is drooling for. They're made of tripe, and it's so delicious my eyes kind of cross when I eat it. There are the Coconut Smiles and the Sweet Potate'r Treats, too. I've had these samples at BlogPaws, and they're lip smacking good.

The box had real food in it, too, not just snacks. There was the Veg-To-Bowl dehydrated food that you add protein and water to, and Oracle, with the meat already added so that you just add water. The girls and I have been sampling these and can't seem to decide which we love the best. Jill's vote is ALL OF THEM, THEY'RE ALL MINE! Margo and I just think we need to eat a few more bowlfuls to decide for sure.

Mom says Dr. Harvey's is an excellent food choice for both meals and snacks because it's natural and holistic, and uses 100% human grade food ingredients. She likes things like that. I like things like tripe and chicken and coconut, and they're all in there. It's a definite 4-paws/2-thumbs up winner in our home! 

Here are some important reasons to eat Veg-To-Bowl food:

* The ultimate solution food, correcting many common health problems in dogs.
* Controls allergies. (Nice!)
* Helps dogs with kidney and liver problems.
* Best way to help a dog lose weight. (Add in a frisbee, and you're golden!)
* Grain-free
* Perfect for picky eaters.
* Just like home cooked, only easier and faster!
* Can be mixed with raw diets.
* No chemicals, dyes, preservatives, GMOs, by-products or synthetic ingredients.
* Dogs find it to be irresistibly yummy.

But don't take our word for it. We want you to try Dr. Harvey's, too. Your dog will be your best friend all over again. Mom taught me to share, so I'm giving away a box of Dr. Harvey's awesomeness. 

Veg-to-Bowl food
Oracle food
Coconut Smiles
Health & Shine essential oil supplement

This box is going to be very well received by your 4-legged companion, and you're going to absolutely love the healthy things your new box of fun contains. Nothing is too good for your best friend, right? Right. 

Mom will choose a winner from comments below. Start by telling us if you've ever heard of Dr. Harvey's, and if so what you love best from them. That's all you need to do!

Winner will be chosen Sunday, June 28.

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  1. OMD! We love everything from Dr. Harvey's. Our favorite is the Coconut Smiles...no it's the Healing Cream...wait, we love the Veg-to-Bowl. SIgh.

  2. Never heard of Dr. Harvey's but I'm sure my two dogs would enjoy this giveaway!

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  4. Dr. Harvey has wonderful products. Everything is pawsome!

  5. Unfortunately, we have never tried any of Dr. Harvey's products but they do sound great! I know my dogs would love to try some of their treats :)

  6. I have never tried Dr. Harvey's products, have heard so much about them but afraid to buy anything else for Layla as such when it comes to shampoos because of her allergies so winning these products would help me solve the problem plus if amazing they would have a customer for life :)

  7. I have never tried these but would love. Sound great.

  8. I have never tried Dr. Harvey's products before.

  9. I haven't tried them but my dog has allergies and I would like to!!