Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Helping Others Is A Beautiful Thing

When mom packed our things for BlogPaws, she threw in my favorite toys for me in case I got bored in the hotel room. A pup can't be bored, you know. We find things to entertain ourselves, sometimes, that our people don't approve of. It's hard to know what they will and will not appreciate at the time you're creating art out of furniture legs or sofa cushions.

When we unpacked our things, our roommate said that the toys were probably unnecessary since there would be so much swag shared with us that we'd have toys aplenty to choose from in our swag bags. She was right. There were toys aplenty.

There was a plush panda from PetSafe that had a squeaker inside it, but was stuffing-less so that pups who get a little carried away and get into the DESTROY IT zone won't make a mess all over the floor. (See above, where sometimes our Pet Parents just don't appreciate our art.)

There were frisbees from several companies.

There was a Tugg-O ball that you could fill with water. It had a rope through it so that a pup could carry it around or toss it to and fro. The water added weight so that we could get proper exercise.

There were tennis balls of all colors.

I'm so glad mom brought my favorite toys, because I didn't have anything to play with. My favorite toys are the things that you can't buy in stores or don't normally allow dogs to have. My very favorite thing ever is an empty spool of thread. It's part of the reason that I lay at mom's feet under the sewing machine as she's working. When she empties a spool, she'll toss it on the floor for me. I'm instantly on top of that thing, and chasing it back and forth across the basement before I settle down to gnaw it to bits.

My second favorite toy is a golf ball. My boy, Micah, steals them from the golf bags, and I steal them from Micah's stash. Even though that boy has dozens and dozens, he still yells when I take just one. Part of the fun of golf balls is the thrill of being sneaky in taking one.

My third favorite toy is a Nylabone wishbone. It's the only toy that's designed to be a dog toy that I've ever played with. There's just something about that wishbone that I love. Mom says I need a new one because mine is getting pretty gnarled up.

My fourth favorite toy is a lid from a bottle of soda or water. Mom didn't pack one of those for me, but I did find one that accidentally fell on the floor while mom was sitting in a session one day. I played and played with that, batting it back and forth and playing soccer with myself. And then I kicked it too far and it got under a dachshund who stood guard over it and glared at me. I had no choice but to lay down and pretend that I didn't want my bottle cap back.

So all those toys that mom got in her swag bag and that I won't ever play with (because they're not golf balls or thread spools or Nylabones or bottle caps) were put into a basket and donated to dogs that don't have Pet Parents yet. The dogs at the Humane Society are going to have some super fun toys to play with while they wait for their new moms or dads to find them. I also filled the basket with some of the many, many treats that I got, including Pedigree, Weruva and Jones Natural Chews, because while I love those things, mom says that sharing is good.

And that's not all! Mom and I sang a line of a dog food jingle so that our local shelter could get $250 worth of dog food donated to it. (You can see that here.) We love helping those in need, even if it means singing in public. (I chickened out once the camera was rolling, though, and made mom do all the work.) We're both very grateful for BlogPaws helping to donate so much to so many dogs in need.


  1. Louie, that was so very sweet of you to share your toys! My parents' dog loves to play with water bottle caps too! My husband and I both went to BlogPaws, so we got double the swag - our second bag went straight to a local shelter :) It always feels good to give!

  2. The Nylabone wishbone is a favorite at our house!

  3. What a very special gesture! You're so sweet

  4. You are such a sweet little man. How very nice of you to donate your swag to the humane society. I could let a lot of my stuff go, but nobody had better attempt to take my PetSafe Plush toy. This year we got the bee in our bag. Last year, it was the Slap Happy. They are my very favorite toys in the whole wide world. I'm sure mom will have to buy more of them. I have three Slap Happys because I love them so much. ♥