Monday, June 29, 2015

Honestly, It's FREE

While we were at BlogPaws, mom was introduced to a lot of new companies that she'd never heard of before. In addition to VitaBone and Kong and other well known names in the pet industry, we met Dr. Harvey's and The Honest Kitchen and so many others. I barked about Dr. Harvey's last week and a lucky winner was chosen to get a box of goodies in the mail. For her dog, of course.

I was the official tester of All The Things, of course. Mom came home with so much loot that it was kind of ridiculous (in the best way possible) and the girls and I have been sampling those things in the weeks since. Mom is a stingewad and doles out the goodies in rationed increments. I'd have eaten them all the first day and it would have been a very good day indeed, but I'm not in charge here. Obviously.

One of the things that I got to try and the girls didn't was The Honest Kitchen. This company makes some really yummy stuff. Their treats are amazing, but their food is different than any I'd had before. It's all natural ingredients, deyhdrated, in a powder form. Mom adds water and it turns into deliciousness that I can't wait to eat. While Dr. Harvey's was similar, you can get The Honest Kitchen with meat already added, so it really is just add water to make an instant meal.

Dad says he wishes the MREs he had in the military were that delicious. He says the just-add-water version of people food isn't nearly as fantastic as mine is. Nor as healthy.

After I ate up all the samples of The Honest Kitchen that we got at the conference, mom talked to my vet about changing my diet, and then talked to The Honest Kitchen folks to determine what formula would be best for me. Mom was looking to change my food because my eyes water a lot, and recently they've been red rimmed. Mom is worried that I have allergies, and the vet said that a diet change is an easier alternative than allergy testing.

It's a more delicious alternative, too. I'm just saying.

Mom decided to get me a grain-free turkey formula. Turkey is considered a novel meat, which means that it's not normally found in dog foods. A lot of dogs are allergic to the proteins in their food, as well as grains, so mom chose wisely.

My very own box of food arrived in the mail one day after a run with mom, and I was so excited to sniff it. I just knew it contained good things.

french bulldog Louie gets a box of dog food in the mail from The Honest Kitchen

I was right, because my sniffer never fails me. This is a box of dog food, and while it looks small, it contains a lot of food. The dehydrated state means that a whole lot can fit in there. Mom gives me roughly 3/4 cup daily, divided between 2 meals.

A french bulldog named Louie sniffing a box of The Honest Kitchen dog food he got in the mail, photo on his dog blog The French Dog.
It smells SOOOOO good!
Since that moment of delicious mail, I've been on a foodie journey here. I'll be barking about that for a few weeks to keep you informed of my progress, but mom says you need to know some things about the food first.

The Honest Kitchen is healthy, human grade food for pets.

*Complete and balanced whole food recipes
* Made in the USA
* Responsibly sourced meat & fish
* Organic whenever possible
* No GMO ingredients
* No ingredients from China
* No artificial additives or preservatives
* No wheat, corn, soy, rice or beet pulp

How do you feed dehydrated food:

1. Mix food with warm water.
2. Stir well and wait 3 minutes. (This part is HARD.)
3. Serve

Mom says I'm eating healthier than she is now. This might mean that I'll be in charge soon and can make the call to eat all the treats in one day. I'll let you know if that happens.

Mom is also partnering with The Honest Kitchen to give away a FREE 4 lb box of Embark, which is the grain-free turkey that I'm currently eating. (It's delicious. Trust me.) If you have allergies like I do, this would be a wonderful food to try. If you don't have allergies, it's just a super healthy option all around. And delicious. Have I mentioned that yet? Because it is.

This is the same size box I have, and it'll last a dog my size (20 pounds) about a month. Good deal, huh?

To enter to WIN, just leave a comment. You can do some other things, too, to get your name in the drawing more times. This will be open until July 19, so you have time to share with your friends, or come back and tweet about this multiple times to be entered more often.

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  1. Honest Kitchen ROCKS. WANT.

  2. We love The Honest Kitchen! The Ginger Sisters have it for breakfast every day.

  3. Honey Needs this! Her little eyes and chin are red from weeping and licking from allergies. She's never had the Honest Kitchen and is getting desperate.

  4. We have yet to try it, but are really excited to! So yummy!

  5. It's excellent food that is a great source to add to raw food.

  6. and the kitten who scarfs dog food and sniffs butts because she is a very confused feline who is surrounded by canines she wants to enter too, because she likes dog food. Really.

  7. Our dogs would be excited to try something new! Ol'Roy is getting boring!!

  8. I have 3 Dogs and 1 is a puppy they love chicken and the dog and puppy food I get they get board of it and wont eat it .I would love to try yours .please