Monday, June 8, 2015

It's A Sign

Mom and I are training for a 5K, and it's been very fun. A little intense lately, but fun nonetheless. The boy, Luke, joined us today and I had to show off my superior running skills to him. He's only got 2 legs, so even if he's an athlete, he still can't keep up with me.

Never mind the fact that by the end of the 3 miles I was really, really tired. I just let mom and Luke get ahead of me to make them feel better. Plus it was hot and humid and everyone knows that frenchies don't do well in heat. It's why I let them get ahead of me. I know mom would have been quite upset if I'd have collapsed on the trail. I could never do that to mom.

Part of the reason that I love running with mom is because there is so much to see. We saw ducks the other day and I almost caught the mama duck when she flew away from her babies. Her wing was hurt and she was flapping in the water very near the shore. I jumped in after her and would have caught her if I wasn't up to my belly in the mud. I was forced to stand and watch her.

(Mom says her wing wasn't hurt and that she was fooling me. Mom says I'd have never been able to catch her, and she was just protecting her babies. I'm pretty sure mom is wrong. I really almost had duck for breakfast. Really.)

Other things on the trail are fun, too. Like the sign post. It tells you all sorts of things, like how far to the next town, or which dog was here two hours ago.

One can learn a whole lot from sniffing a sign post. That's what they're there for, after all. I signed it, too, because that's what's expected, right?

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