Sunday, June 14, 2015

I've Been Promoted, And I Get to Give Stuff Away For Free

Yesterday, mom had a sales event for the candles and collars she sells at Darla Jane's on Etsy. She's been pretty busy with these sales events on weekends, and sometimes I get to go with her. I love those days. Spending time with the ones you love is what life is all about.

I helped mom set up and get ready, because I saw how crazy busy she was. My job is to quietly stay out of the way, and not run off. I rock that job so hard. When everything was ready to go, mom got me a Jones Natural Chew to keep me entertained, and we all settled in for a fun day at the park.

A side note about Jones: They are some of my very favorite things ever. Mom has treated me with their all natural, 100% USA meat and bone products ever since I was a pup. She says nothing is too good for me. This is why I love her so much.

Me, as a young pup, enjoying a Jones treat. Mom loves me!

I love sales events with mom, just like I loved BlogPaws. I get to be right beside mom no matter where she goes, and also meet lots and lots of friends of the 2-legged and 4-legged variety. Watching everyone come and go is interesting. Dog watching is like a sport, you know? You see big dogs and little dogs and hyper dogs and dogs with long hair and dogs with short hair... There were a lot of dogs. And a lot of people that loved me.

No, really, there were. And I helped mom sell some things, too. A few people came into our tent just because they wanted to pet me, and of course I sat really still and let them so that mom could talk to them about our candles. I made two sales for her that way. I think I've been promoted to assistant manager already. I'm ridiculously good at my job of Being Cute.

I rewarded myself for the good job of Selling Things By Being Cute by trying to stuff my entire Jones snack into my mouth at one time. Things didn't go well because I choked and had to spit it out again. Mom wasn't very happy about that and took my treat from me. I was treatless the rest of the day. Mom mumbled something about choking to death while she was with a customer or something. Moms worry a lot. She also said that in the future, she's going to have to give me larger chews so that I can't stuff them in my mouth. For a little dog, I have a big mouth. It's because I like to eat things, that's why.

After mom took my treat, I watched all the dogs come and go, and always remembered my manners to just sit quietly and patiently until mom said I could play. I sat quietly and patiently, that is, until Willow came to see me. Willow is one of the babies we raised, and she sometimes comes back to visit us at the house when her mom and dad are in town. I love our puppies SO HARD, even if they're all grown up and not babies anymore. Willow and I romped and wrestled as much as we could while on leash, because that's how frenchies roll.

Mom just laughs and laughs that I don't play with other dogs like I do our babies. She doesn't understand, I guess, that family is family no matter if they live elsewhere.

So it was a super fun day, and not only did I get to spend it with mom but I got to see Willow, too. The only bad part was when mom took my Jones snack away. She says she has more to give me, but I haven't seen them so I can't be too sure of that. I'm going to have to trust her, and maybe beg a little in hopes of getting one tomorrow.

I get to share with you, too, because mom said it's good manners. If you leave a comment here, you'll be entered to win a variety pack of Jones 100% natural, REAL meat and bone dog treats. You'll smell that box coming before the mailman even rings your door bell, and it'll be like Christmas in June. A winner will be chosen on Sunday, June 21st. In the comments, let me know if you've had Jones Natural Chews before, and if so what your favorite is. That's all you need to do to be entered!

The variety pack contains 20 assorted pieces so that you can sample a large selection of fun things. And you're going to love them all.


  1. I have never tried Jones, do I will have to look for them! Where does your Mom buy them?

  2. Hi this is lilly and I would love to try these!! They will go good with a Starbucks "puppiccino".

  3. You must do a very good job to get promoted. Not everyone get promoted to such an important position. :)

  4. This blog is adorable. I will have to go back and read it all. We have tried these Jones treats and the dogs love them.

  5. My dogs love the Lamb Lung Puffs or Lamb Cheetos as we call them. We even did a review:

  6. Hi, we just popped over from Mrs. Fleas blog to tell you we really like Mrs. Flea and that bag of bones she carries around wif her. She has visited our house twice, and even slept in our house one time, so it was a real treat for us, literally, cos hers brought us lots of goodies, of course she took lots of pictures but it was worth every bone we was so good to meetcha...come on by our page......we would love to win a whole bag of those fings. stella rose

  7. We have tried them before. My dogs loved the lamb lung puffs treats.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Woof a Jones GiveAway, I am a big fan of their treats yummmmm so I have to enter for more and we love Fleas Blog and Flea - thank you from the Boss of Auction4PetSupplies

  9. Yahoo! My dogs will love it. (Excuse me if this is a duplicate message, my pc is acting up.)

  10. We haven't tried them, but they sound great! I have a picky dog, so an assortment is perfect. We'd be able to see what his favorite is. My other dog is pretty indiscriminate, so nothing would go to waste!

    1. Congrats! You're the winner of the Jones Natural Chews variety bag! If you get me your address, I'll have Jones send that right out to you. Message me at

  11. Olivia and Jaxon have not had a jones chew yet. We have some on the way and cannot wait to try them. I know they would love to try these for sure. Love your page. I just started my blog check it out

  12. Congratulations on your promotion!! I have to say, your manners are impeccable, like your taste! :) Jones Natural Chews are the best, my dogs LOVE them. Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  13. you are a doll baby, congrats on your promotion at work, you deserve by helping out so much. my girls love the Jones venison sticks but they would love these as well. my 3 gals have excellent manners as well, they get compliments all of the time when we are at events

  14. My dogs love the Jones Natural Chews variety pack. Especially the pig ear pieces.

  15. My dogs LOVE the lamb lung puffs and the chicken taffy!
    LyricInTime2803 at yahoo dot com