Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Day At The Dog Park

I had such a great time at BlogPaws. I really did. Mostly because I had mom all to myself, all day long, for 5 days in a row. AND I got to sleep in a bed, right beside mom. It was pretty pawsome.

It was just as pawsome to meet other dogs and experience a city dog lifestyle. A country pup could get used to that, let me tell you. They have these things called sidewalks and parking lots, and they join right up next to each other, and you never have to set a paw in grass if you don't want to.

I didn't want to.

Mom made me anyway.

She said that you can't go potty on pavement.

Meeting other dogs was so fun. I met so many different dogs that I can't even remember who they are. Thank goodness we have photos of some to help us remember! (I'll share those another day.) I did learn that shih-tzus and greyhounds were my faorite kinds of dogs at the event.  Especially shih-tzus. If I saw one, I would lunge at it and expect it to play.

Mom said I wasn't allowed to do this.

Having to have your manners on all the time is hard.

By the third day, mom realized that I needed to play with other dogs, so took me to the dog park where I could play off leash with others and not get tangled up or be reminded to be on my best manners.

Mom left me at the dog park to play.

Mom left me.

She just left.

I sat right there at the gate where she left me for the whole entire time, because I know she didn't mean to leave me, and I wanted her to know that I was right where she forgot me. I didn't want her to have to search for me. That would not be good manners.

I know mom didn't leave me on purpose. It was really an accident that she walked away when I was behind a gate and couldn't follow her.

I waited patiently, right there, for 90 minutes. I was so happy to see mom when she got back that I did a happy jiggly dance all over the floor at her feet. That was good dog park playing, right?

Mom said she'd never leave me at a dog park again, unless she was there with me. I knew it was an accident, because mom loves me just as much as I love her. She must have been distraught, looking for me all that time somewhere else. I'm so glad that she finally remembered where she left me.

BlogPaws was SO much fun, and I got to meet other dogs and sleep in bed and be with mom, but I learned that without mom, the world is a scary place.

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  1. Louie Hi!!! Mom and I are so happy to meet you! Mom is sorry she didn't get to meet you at BlogPaws but Mom had to cancel her trip at the last second!
    Mom and I just subscribed to your blog so we can keep up with all of your fun activities! Hope you will swing by mine too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota