Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please, Rescue Me!

I live with a large family here, and love it. In addition to the people who think they run the place (lets face it, dogs rule the world), there are 2 other frenchies. Jill and Margo are my compadres, but I want to be clear that I'm mom's favorite, because I don't want you to be deceived.

Mom says I have a job here, and it's not just to be her shadow. I was brought here for a purpose; not just to be a pampered pet. Mom very carefully selected me because of how handsome I was, because I am a stud dog. Here's a dirty little secret: mom is a dog breeder.

There. The secret is out. Go ahead and judge.

It's come to the point where mom is almost ashamed to tell people this fact, and she's tired of it. The rescue organizations of the world do such amazing work, and they're to be much applauded for it, but in their efforts to teach people that dogs need rescued, they've somehow managed to also teach that people who breed dogs are evil beings who overpopulate the world with unwanted dogs. Or worse, such as overpopulating the world and being inhumane to the dogs in their care. Are there people like that? Absolutely, because the world is broken. Is everyone like that? Of course not.

Please don't judge everyone by the few.

It's been difficult for people like mom to talk about what she does on public forums without fear of criticism. It's not fun to learn that she'll never be able to rescue a dog or cat because we aren't spayed or neutered. Somehow that makes mom an irresponsible owner. I don't understand how a movement whose entire goal is to help animals has decided that it's okay to bully others, because that's what's happening. It's like when I block Margo from getting too close to mom because I think she's all mine and I don't want to share. The rescue movement is blocking information on how to find a responsible breeder because they want all the Pet Parents to get a rescue instead. They're telling the world that breeders are the problem that put pets in shelters in the first place. They're bullying breeders to help new Pet Parents choose adoption instead.

I get it. Pets who don't have homes need families to love them. I love that rescues are so passionate about finding these unfortunate dogs and cats the homes they deserve, because every pet needs a person to love. These people deserve many, many Louie Licks for the good work that they are doing in getting homeless animals into the arms of people that will love them forever.

It's time to stop bullying. Educate people so they can make informed decisions. If adoption is the route someone wants to go, those people are going to get some amazing pets. And conversely, if we teach others what a responsible breeder is, that'll stop Pet Parents from buying from the irresponsible ones. That's the goal, right? To stop the irresponsible breeders? Because if you stopped all breeders, everywhere, the world would have no more purebred dogs. That would be a shame. Mom loves a scruffy mutt so very hard, and would love to adopt one and love second only to me. But sometimes owners want a certain type of dog on purpose. There would be no more labradors or poodles or Jack Russells. There would be no yorkies or St. Bernards. The world would be a little sad if the breeders all stopped breeding.

So what DO you look for in a responsible breeder? I'll talk about that tomorrow. In the meantime, please remember not to bully those who believe differently than you do. All good Pet Parents love their dogs, and nobody needs to feel inferior because they didn't rescue.

Go hug your dog, and if it's a rescue, hug it twice to make up for the days it was waiting for you to arrive. We support rescue even if rescue doesn't support us.


  1. I love a rescue too but my heart belongs to my purebred Basset Hound. A responsible breeder is the key. Crackdown on puppy mills.

  2. I am happy you wrote this because I have blogged many, many times about how guilty I often feel (and am made to feel) because Dakota was purchased from a responsible breeder.

    At the time, I wasn't blogging, never knew about pet transport, etc.

    I wanted a Shetland Sheepdog (a purebred), and had wanted one since I was a child.

    I think when you said that "educating people to make responsible decisions" is the key.........people shouldn't be judging others, MK referenced they are puppy mills.

    No judging you from us, that's for sure!