Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Beginning Of My Career

Sometimes mom will set something on the floor, and OF COURSE a dog's first instinct is to walk over, sniff it, walk on it, and then lay on it for good measure, because that way you're sure to do whatever it is that mom wanted you to do with that thing on the floor. It's there for me, right?

Well, apparently not always. Who knew? The world doesn't revolve around me? I'm just as shocked as you are.

Sometimes the things that mom puts on the floor are expected to remain dog hair free, she said. If that's the case, why are they even in the house? Let's be realistic here.

The one large thing she sets up and poses people in front of (she calls it a backdrop) is definitely expected to be dog hair free. She also mentioned slobber and other things that I'm sure I don't do because I'm a refined gentleman French dog.


Mom put a new collar on me that had a necktie on it (because clearly, I AM a refined gentleman French dog) and then invited me onto the backdrop that dogs aren't allowed to touch. This his how I know mom loves me, and also that she recognizes my impeccable manners and undying devotion.

When I was on that white cloth, I just sat down and posed like a boss. That was the day that began my career as a model. Since that day, mom has asked me to stay in all sorts of funny places so that she can take my picture doing this or that or nothing at all, and I just sit there looking handsome because that's my job. And I rock it.

Cream colored french bulldog wearing a DIY necktie dog collar in a photo shoot.


  1. You SERIOUSLY rock it!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: Thanks for stopping by the blog! It's great to make new friends!