Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Drool Worthy Things

We got a super fun box of goodies in the mail last week. We love getting super fun boxes of goodies in the mail, because WHO DOESN'T? This one contained things that made me just sit down and scratch behind my ears, because why would anyone send us a box with cat food in it?

And that very same day, mom came home with those baby cats.

So the kittens have been eating good, with Wellness providing them some great nutrients at the start of their life here. I have to say that this whole kitten business isn't sitting right with me. I love kittens. I do. I love to chase them. They look like so much fun to interact with that way. But mom says chasing kittens is strictly forbidden and she watches me closer than I watch the kittens.

The other day, I was drooling from the strain of Not Chasing Kittens, because I wanted to do that so badly, but wanted to make mom happy, too. Stress will make you do very ugly things sometimes. Frenchies aren't known for drool strings, but they can happen to anyone. Obviously.

Turns out, those kitties aren't the only ones who got super fun things in the large box that came in the mail. Sometimes mom likes to surprise me with things, and that's just what she was saving that big box of goodies for. Mom and I were on a weekend adventure together, and she took some of the goodies from that box for me to snack on. Sometimes when I'm away from home, I don't eat. While I'm very, very happy to be spending one-on-one time with mom, I'm also a wee bit afraid that I'll never get to go home again and see Jill and Margo, or my boys, or my house, OR ANYTHING, so I don't eat because of the stress. Mom likes to take treats that are going to tempt me into forgetting the fact that I'm not at home so that I don't starve to death or collapse from malnutrition.

It's so nice to know that she cares.

Wellness sent some canned dog food. Canned is a silly term since it wasn't a can but a plastic box, but saying a Plasticed Food was sent is even sillier. It was a wet food. Let's go with that. And it was SO delicious. Yes, I ate it. Who wouldn't? Nothing will make a dog drool like wet food will. (Besides kittens. Obviously.)

And besides the wet food, there were also treats and dry dog food in the big box of fun that arrived on our doorstep. So the kittens didn't get All The Things! They, too, have been snacking on treats, and have graduated up to hard food, so we're sharing like interests. Mom says that's a good thing; sharing. But she says that we shouldn't share food because kitty food is designed for kitties and dog food is designed for pups.

Mom has me on The Honest Kitchen food here, but I love when she mixes in some things like the Wellness kibble. It is healthy and adds something different to my food, and we all like different, don't we? Dogs don't have the luxury of buffet tables like the 2-leggers do, so we take variety anywhere we can find it. Mixing healthy and healthy is good!

So how about you? What food are you currently loving?

cream colored french bulldog


  1. OMD - THK sent me several samples to try with Gadget. I used the fish packet yesterday. None of the dogs would go near it. The smell, when mixing, was strong, which I thought would appeal to the dogs. They're dogs. Nope. But Gadget loved the beef option.

  2. A box of goodies! You and the kitties scored
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oh I is drooling contemplating all those boxes of yummy goodies arriving at your house!
    Hope those Push-T-Cats shared sum of their haul wiv you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx