Monday, July 13, 2015

Honesty Is My Thing

So that whole thing where mom changed my food to The Honest Kitchen hasn't been an easy transition. I'm not going to lie. I've barked about how I didn't really love the food at first, and how I really just don't even like carrots at all.

Thankfully THAT stage is behind us. In fact, I now have decided that The Honest Kitchen is super good food, so at least mom and I agree on that point. Who can go wrong with human-grade food, though? It's next thing to getting table scraps for every meal. I'm lobbying that the next step is for us to sit at the table when we eat, just like our people do.

The largest hurdle I'm currently facing is training mom to feed me. In our home, we've always had the free-choice bowl of food out. Since nobody has indulged to the point of excess, it was never an issue. Because of this handy feeding system, mom is not in the habit of feeding dogs at regular times.

And by regular, I mean morning and evening. I'm not even talking about the same hour daily. I just want breakfast and dinner. Is that really too much to ask?

I've had to train mom to feed me. The training I do of the humans is ongoing, let me tell you. Mom keeps my food dish on top of my crate, so when I'm hungry, I go to the crate and look at the dish sitting on top of it. Since mom and I are connected on deep levels, she instinctively knows that I'm hungry when I do this.

Margo decided she'd do this, too, because she wanted my food.

red french bulldog sitting in crate begging for food to be put in her dish

So really, I'm not only training the people here, I'm training the girls, too. I'm in charge of so much here that I should probably get a raise. At least 5 biscuits a day, right? Mom is rather stingy with treats, if I'm going to be bluntly honest. Which, obviously, I am.

So that bowl gets filled twice daily now, on a regular basis, because I have successfully trained mom to feed me breakfast and dinner every single day without fail. I thought I'd have to pass out at her feet a few times to get her to take notice that I was starving, but thankfully she caught on to the bowl-stare quicker than I hoped. She's kind of smart sometimes. Smart pet parents rock.

Just when I thought I was being all Top Dog and was lording it over the fact that I got specialized food and the girls didn't, mom started feeding them The Honest Kitchen, too. She says she experimented with me because of my allergies, and wanted to see a difference in things like energy levels and what not in comparison to the rest of the pack. I know she secretly just likes me best and wanted to spoil me in front of the girls, but of course she can't admit that out loud.

So now the girls get The Honest Kitchen in their own special bowls in their own crates, both morning and evening. How handy for them that I already trained mom to feed us regularly. They have no idea how real my struggle is.

Jill, the fawn frenchie that eats everything that doesn't eat her first (hey, I AM keeping it real, remember?), scarfs her food down so quickly that she probably doesn't even taste it. She has zero appreciation for the finer things in life. Margo is a bit more ladylike in her approach to snarfing. She politely cleans her bowl every meal, and looks forward to getting the next one, too.

But because the girls are now being treated as equals to me, I had to up my game. If my dog food has to be the same as everyone else's, then I get to choose what treats are going to be up to my standards. Not just anything will do for me, you know? I'm that kind of special.

Mom says I'm just a pampered little man who will have a very rude awakening some day when the super good treats run out and she refuses to buy more. I think she just like to humble me on occasion. She mumbled something about a swollen head, but I don't even know what that means.

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cream french bulldog eating The Honest Kitchen food wearing Darla Janes dog collar starfish

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  1. Honesty is the best way!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  2. Louie, that's the worst, remembering to feed the dogs. We have the same problem, going from free range eating to Honest Kitchen twice a day. And my little dogs refuse to eat! Yesterday I had to sprinkle Jones taffy crumbs on their food to get them to eat!

  3. I'd love to try the HK because we are raw feeders in my house and it seems to me this would be good for traveling.

    Back before Delilah (who also eats anything that doesn't eat her first (I like that saying BTW)) Sampson ate Kibbles and he was a free feeder. But Delilah inhales her food faster than even my friend who was in the Army and then goes looking for more. When they were both eating kibbles I'd have to pick Sampson's up and put some time aside for him to eat when he wanted it. But now that they are both on raw, he eats his meals as soon as he gets them. Which is twice a day. You were wise to train mom for that. :-)

  4. I want to win this because my dog likes trying new foods