Friday, July 31, 2015

Tote Tails, Even For Those With No Tails

Mama loves tote bags. A lot. She has such a large collection of tote bags that she has a tote bag to hold all her tote bags. It's a little ridiculous. And yet her obsession continues, because she loves and uses those bags all the time. You can imagine her excitement, then, when she found out about the company called Tote Tails. This place makes customized tote bags, featuring your pet.

I know, right?!

You can upload a photo of your pet and have that used to make a silhouette, or you can choose from the breed library. They have dogs, cats and even horses, and are willing to make anything else you have such as rabbits or goats or chickens. Or giraffes.

But that's not all! After Tote Tails allows you to choose what animal you love best on your tote bag, you can then further customize it with wording. Anything goes! You choose the placement such as top, middle or bottom of the bag, or you can even have it staggered down the front diagonally if you choose. You can add paw prints or other fun things to personalize your bag as well. When I say it's fully customized, I mean it!

Mom made a bag just for me, of course.

It's definitely my mug. See? Drooling image, for sure. (Dogs don't spit; we drool.) My bag not only has my silhouette on it, but it says Louie, The French Dog, because it's my bag. (Mama has enough.) That's what you can see on the bag. What you can't see in the photo is the fact that the tote is well made and durable, and the printing is top quality. That tote is going to just last forever, I can tell it already. And that's a very good thing.

The day mama got the bag in the mail, she locked me up and took the bag with her on an adventure. I'm not sure of the fairness of that, but she claims I wasn't allowed to go where the bag went, and took it because she couldn't take me. I'm not sure why a zoo wouldn't allow me in, it's peopled with animals! Mama fed me some line about how the bag is a stand-in for me when I can't go along with her. She's just barking to hear herself, I think.

Polar bears TOTEally love Tote Tails!
Another super fun thing about the tote bags, besides being very useful to carry my things and loan to polar bears, is the fact that 10% of every sale is donated to local animal shelters. You can feel good about your purchase because you get an amazing bag and contributed to helping the lives of animals in need! This is a win for everyone, powered by you.

Because I know you're very anxious to get started on making your own bag, I'm going to have to tell you to hold off. Why? Because you can enter to WIN one right here! Simply leave a comment here to be entered. You can also follow Tote Tails on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries. Winner will be announced Monday, August 10th. Good luck! And feel free to play around on the Tote Tails website to have your bag all planned out so that when you're chosen as the winner, you can get that ordered ASAP.

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  1. Just saw those yesterday and love them!

  2. Your bag is super cute! Thanks for coming by the hop!

  3. Very cool - of course Jack won't FIT in a tote bag, but I still bet he would like one!

  4. You did a pawsome job on your tote! I love it!!

  5. Love reading your blog Louie, and love the bag.