Monday, August 3, 2015

All Under One Red Roof

We were contacted recently by Red Roof Inn, asking if we knew that they were a dog friendly option to spend the night away from home. We did not know that, and were quite thrilled to hear it. I don't always get to travel with the family, but on the rare occasion that I do, it's nice to know that I'll be welcome somewhere, you know? Nothing like being told you can't stay because you have 4 legs and fur. It's the height of discrimination.

Red Roof Inn gave us a night's accommodation to see first hand exactly how accommodating they are for pets.  This was a huge bonus for us, because my family hadn't planned to vacation this year due to many circumstances, including the fact that there are so many schedules in this house that a dog gets dizzy watching that door revolve with the in-and-out-and-in... It took the family a week to clear schedules and block days and change plans and coordinate with each other, but they finally figured out that they could all take an entire 2 days to spend together. Wasn't that nice of them? Except that wasn't true, because one of the teen boys ended up being out of town.

This past weekend, the family loaded up the van, packed a bag for me, and we went for a drive. We ended up at a place called Centralia, that's got a lot to offer in the way of exploring. There was a fire there, back in the '60s (whenever that was) that caught an underground coal seam on fire. The fire raged on, taking a severe toll on the town (which has been evacuated) (mostly) (there are some people who refuse to leave) and making a road unsafe for driving since the burned coal left emptiness under that road, creating sink holes. A bypass has been built, and this original road is just there, abandoned, but not forgotten. It's now a place for teens to vandalize. And boy howdy, do they ever.

It was interesting to walk down that road, reading graffiti, pointing out some fun artwork, and sniffing all the things. (Okay, I was the only one sniffing. It's an art the family can't fully appreciate.) We were grateful that the road wasn't hot. We were told that it was, due to the raging underground fires. It wasn't any hotter than any other pavement in summer, which does get hot when you're on it for a long time in your bare feet. Just an FYI, because a lot of dog owners don't think about their dogs being barefoot on the concrete. Our feet have feelings, too.

After sniffing all that spray paint, we drove some more and ended up at the Poconos. I was afraid I'd get my nose poked, but turns out I was safe. I stayed in the van while the family had dinner with friends, and picked up the teen boy who was out of town. It rained while they were eating, so it was nice and cool in the van; no worries about a dog in a hot car! Mama loves me too much to do that. Plus she checked on me frequently, even locking herself out of the house once. That's how much she loves me.

We drove to our Red Roof Inn accommodations, and mama took me inside with her to check in. I know they love dogs, because the lady at the front desk got all excited when she saw me. She even forgot to code our door keys because she was that happy about a dog there to visit. No worries, though, dad just took the keys back to the desk and the kind ladies there took care of it, and offered many apologies. 

Our room came equipped with a free water bottle for everyone in our family (they offer one free per day!) and a snack box. How fun is all that?! The snack box contained some granola bars, a bag of popcorn, a trail mix snack bag, and some juice. It was a wonderful thing to have the next day as we were hiking the wooded trails.

The hotel offered free WiFi for the family to enjoy (with no annoying per-day limits), a mini refrigerator and microwave in each room. Red Roof Inn doesn't charge a cleaning fee for pets (because they mean it when they say that pets stay free), and they don't have a size limit for pets, either. Giant dog breeds are just as welcome as purse pups! 

Mama also signed up for the Redi Card Rewards Program, because it's a smart thing to do, and there is no fee to be a member. After your family stays at a Red Roof Inn 6 times, they'll get a free room the next time they book if they're a card carrying member of the Redi Card Rewards Program. You can't beat free!  

After we woke the next morning, refreshed and ready to go on with our day, we said goodbye to Red Roof Inn and found a state park to get lost in. Pennsylvania is quite a beautiful state, boasting so much nature that state parks are abundant, protecting all the beauty for everyone to enjoy. State parks are also pet friendly, so we love them a lot. This park was called Ricketts Glen, and had a lot of waterfalls on the one hiking trail. We didn't hike the whole 7 mile loop, because my boy has a hard time walking that far due to his weak hips. Down syndrome, sometimes, is not to his advantage. We did see some really awesome things, though. Like this.

Me and my boy, Luke, in front of a huge cascade of water. 
The kids just loved this place. I drank some water, followed mom, and sniffed all the things. It really was a great place to take the family. Mom and dad know how to have fun! But sadly, after just one night and two days, we had to head home. That thing where the family has to cancel plans and block schedules only lasts so long before real life happens again. But we are very grateful to Red Roof Inn for allowing us some family time this past weekend, and have promised (paws over heart) that we'd spread the word about how amazingly friendly they are toward pets.

Should you be in need of a hotel accommodation for your dog, feel free to click the Red Roof link in the sidebar there. Best rates, guaranteed! 


  1. Pawsome, glad to hear you had a great time and I luffs Red Roof fur their dog friendliness!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. How cool is that! Hope they contact us next.
    Lily & Edward