Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm Looking At Some Changes Coming This Way

frenchie wearing nautical starfish collar by the water ocean sea lake
Louie has been wearing the Starfish collar all summer. We love nautical things here.

We have this brand-new Etsy store, appropriately called The French Dog. Guess who that's named after? Yep, nailed it. I actually voted for the name of Louie's on Etsy, but mom said no. (MOM NOTE: He didn't actually suggest that. He probably should have. I may have to now open another store just to name it that. For crying out loud.)

Mom has been on Etsy for years. Nine of them, as a matter of fact. Etsy was 15 months young when mom opened her very first Etsy store in 2006. She made shirts for the 2-legged variety of kids for a long, long time, and had fun doing it.

Mom has been raising 4-legged kids for 15 years, and last year she had the epiphany that she could sew for dogs. Mom is slow sometimes. It's why she hires me to do the thinking. (MOM NOTE: I never hired Louie to do any kind of thinking. The dog fabricates
a lot in his wee little noggin. If he were in charge of the thinking, we'd do nothing but eat snacks all day.) 

Mom's brand new Etsy store, where she showcased all the things she made for dogs, is called Darla Jane's. Mom tried about 8 different store names, and they were all taken, so in a moment of sheer frustration, she named it after the first frenchie that she had. Her name was Darla Jane. She was a sweet dog that everyone loved (but not as much as they love me, for the record), but we had to rehome her. It would be the saddest thing ever, except she has a better home than we were able to give her. Long story there, but a true one. So now mom has this store that sells dog collars and such, and it's named after a dog that doesn't even live here. 

This became a bit of a frustration when mom started attending weekend festivals and sales events with the collars. She gets a lot of, "are you Darla?" questions. We both agreed that renaming the store would be in everyone's best interest. 

Since mom has been on Etsy for a long time, she knows the ins and outs of the place, and doesn't always read updates on new things. Etsy has come such a very long way since 2006 when mom began there, and the changes are all good. Very good. There was a change she was unaware of, however. Back in the day, you couldn't change your shop name. Then they updated it so that you could change it just once. (You'd better choose wisely. If not the first time, at least the second.) But mom wasn't happy with the way the change was made. The store name could change, but the URL stayed the same as the old one. Because that's not confusing at all for anyone. Ever.

To avoid all this confusion, mom opened a brand new store called The French Dog. And that brings us all up to speed on the history of why this is a brand new store. She opened it in June of this year, and had the intention of moving everything over into The French Dog from Darla Jane's, because, you know, that was the plan. She then read (like she should have earlier) that Etsy now changes the URL when you change a shop name. TOO LATE NOW. And she's kind of loathe to close the old one (that's all of 18 months old) because it's doing so very well for us. We have 2 shops on Etsy that sell doggie gear. Go, us!

This blog was begun as a way to advertise for our Etsy business. That never really happened. Mom opened a Twitter account and an Instagram account and a Facebook account for me, because I'm so special. (MOM NOTE: No, Louie, it's so that you could help share about our Etsy shop. Remember?) Mom says I've been slacking in my job, and it's time she took the reins and got the horse back on the race track. Whatever that means. She says changes are coming. Good changes. Subtle changes. I'll still be here, because I'm so special. STOP BARKING, MOM. I CAN HEAR YOU MUMBLING ABOUT SOMETHING. But we wanted to let you know that sometimes we'll be doing things like talking about new additions to one of our stores, or offering coupons to our loyal readers, or having contests to win a free collar. 

You know, good things.

Today, we gave away a collar to a follower on The French Dog. After just a month, with no advertising whatsoever, we have 30 people that love us already, and we're so grateful for that love that we awarded one of those followers a free collar. Maybe you'll win something at the next giveaway! And we want to thank you in advance for being one of our faithful readers who come here to see what news there is to bark about. We never want to be a sales pitch. We love sharing photos and telling stories with you. And we hope you want to be a part of that with us.


  1. I'm sure you give your Mom very sound advice on what to stock in her store, afterall, yous the best place to nose what a French Dog wants, needs, should have!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Your mom is so lucky to have you helping out with the blogging chores! Wish Rita would help me with mine! Best of luck with the new Etsy store. Love the name!

  3. That's a nice business that you've started on Etsy: a shop for dog collars and stuff. It was a bit of a problem how you had to make a new Etsy shop because your mom thought she couldn't change the URL of the previous one, but that's all done with now. At least this is an opportunity to redefine your brand and evolve it. Best of luck to the both of you on this venture.

    Gerard Reese @ Kafe Digital Marketing