Monday, August 10, 2015

The Test That Makes Others Smile

Mama loaded me up in the car and we went for a ride, just her and I together. It's always an adventure with her, because the places she goes are so random and I get to meet a lot of fun people. This day was no different. Right up front
it was super fun, with crated dogs watching us pull into the parking lot from the opened back of their cars. Mama walked me right past all those cars and caged dogs and we went inside the building together.

Inside the building, mama sat on a chair at a long table, waiting patiently, so I did the same thing. Only I sat at her feet. Mama talked to the kind lady beside her, and I sniffed the kind lady's dog in greeting. Other dogs around us barked or jumped and played, and their owners were talking among themselves animatedly.

Then mama was asked to go to the very large open space in the middle of the building, and she and some lady with a clipboard talked to each other. I just followed mama, because that's what I do. Mama walked to the other side of the building, and I followed. She turned left, and I followed her. She walked fast, and then slow, and I walked right along with her. Mama stopped to talk to someone else, and I patiently waited for her while she did.

We walked around some people sitting in chairs, and some kids playing with things like walkers and wheel chairs. I got to sit with the kids, and that was definitely the highlight of the outing. I love kids!

Mama seemed pretty happy when we walked back to the table. She said we get to visit lots of people in hospitals and schools now. I'm not sure what a therapy dog is, but apparently I'm going to be one. If I get to be with mama, and she's happy about this thing, then I'm going to be happy, too. Being with mama is always my happy place.

Stay tuned for our adventures in the future, helping to make others smile through 4 paws and a smile that reaches ear to ear. Mama says she's grateful that she makes unique dog collars, because now she can create all sorts of fun ones for me to wear to visits that are just going to make people smile.


  1. Oh wow Louie, that's a very responsible job butts I nose yous gonna be a great therapy dog, just pawfect!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. What a noble thing to want to do! You will be great!

  3. Oh, what an adorable snap, and what a responsible, noble job. Good on you.

  4. Your going to be a therapy dog??? Thats wonderful!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!