Saturday, August 8, 2015

What It Is And Why You Need It

Notice: This is a guest blog by mama, because she went out of town this weekend and didn't take me. She also took the computer with her. Not that I can use it, because of that whole lack of opposable thumbs thing, but we all know that I tell mama what to write and she makes the magical things happen. So... I'm home stressing because mama is gone. She has the computer. She's in charge of thinking of all the things to say this time.

I think Louie is disgruntled about being left at home. Geez. Take a dog for a weekend getaway once, and he thinks he's entitled to go every weekend. This time I'm on a business trip. I have a booth at a market somewhere or other almost every weekend, selling our dog collars and candles. I'm able to take Louie to a lot of these with me, and he's been loving them, but this one clearly stated, "no dogs allowed."  I'm a rule follower, so I didn't allow Mr. Entitled to come with me. The good news is that he's a dog, and he'll forgive me. Dogs are epic that way.

Since I have a rare opportunity to talk here, I'm going to share one of the most under valued listings in our stores.
These are things that people pass up while scrolling through the shop because they're not eye candy, no matter how good the photo is. They're probably also passed over because people aren't aware of what they are, or how valuable they are.

So what is this thing that nobody notices?

The tag loop.
So... what is a tag loop? Good question! You'll see that I have Louie's tags on that small loop of webbing. That quick release buckle allows the web loop to open up, and I just clip it over his collar. This is the fastest way to change tags from collar to collar, or to remove tags to wash a collar. I don't know about you, but I hate the tags jingling around in the dryer, or getting stuck somewhere in the laundry cycle and twisting. That's a downer both for the tags and the washing machine.

I also hate having to pry open an S hook every time I want to remove tags, or breaking a fingernail trying to open a keyring.  Once Louie's tags are on the tag loop, I never have to pry S hooks or break fingernails again.

We've been using our tag loops for months, and we've never had one accidentally unclip. We test products pretty extensively here, too. We live in the country, and our dogs are actively in brush chasing ground hogs or rabbits. They come back with scratches on legs, and tags on their collars. Our pack of frenchies also wrestle a lot. In all that wrestling and pulling on each other's collars, we've never lost a tag.

If you were scrolling through our store, you'd probably pass right over the tag loop, wouldn't you? But now that you're aware of the beauty of the small strap that saves your sanity, you'll probably want to invest in one for each dog. (And now you can buy even more collars, because you won't have to struggle changing the tags from old to new! *wink*wink*)

You'll notice the tags don't hang any lower than if they were fastened to the D ring of the collar. This is because the loop attaches right onto the collar itself, not that ring. This is important. If you strap that through the D ring, it could get caught and tear off, or worse, your dog could get a toe caught in it. We don't want that to happen. We care about your dogs and ours.
The tag loop is just $4.00, with free shipping.

We've sold a lot of these at our market today, and expect to sell out tomorrow, as usual. I can't ever make enough in a week to remain stocked. (That's what business cards were invented for, right?) We hear happy customers tell us all the time how much they love these small loops. We love making customers happy.


  1. This is a good deal! I bought one like it 3 years ago from a pet store and it cost much more. They last too.
    I love your manly collars (especially the plaids). They are so smart looking. Wish we'd had one when our lab Gerald was alive. Back then, there was only plain colors available.

  2. We love those tag loops. Mom got us one last year. Louie this mom took her suitcase and left us
    Lily & Edward