Sunday, August 30, 2015

Who's a Smart Dog? YOU ARE!

We were introduced to the good people that own SMARTCOOKEE early this year, when they weren't able to attend BlogPaws and so generously donated their ticket to us. We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce Kelly and Abbey to you.

Kelly Ison started baking dog treats
in her home kitchen in 2012. She used all natural ingredients that are also 100% organic, to be sure your dog is eating healthy. Each biscuit has just 1 calorie, so there's no worries about your best friend's favorite snack being unhealthy for him in any way. Kelly's dedication to healthy snacks is best summed up by her, as stated on the front page of their website:

Farm to DogSmart, Natural, and Fresh Human Grade Regional Ingredients. Flavors that define a time like, PB'N Jelly Time. Using an all natural kitchen, we create yummy Organic Gourmet Dog Treats that are baked in small batches and to perfection. In addition to being delicious, they are rich in Omega for healthy bones, coat, and teeth. We've incorporated the "super food" Chia Seed into our original, healthy recipes. Chia is a great source of calcium, protein, iron and anti-oxidants.
In 2013, just one year after beginning her company, Kelly was marketing her treats in stores. They have been very well received in groomers' shops and other select locations, and SMARTCOOKEE made The List, a nationally syndicated show featuring up and coming businesses that are really going places.

Kelly generously sent us some single calorie treats to sample for ourselves, and we did just that. We've even shared them with others, because that's what we do here. We got a sample pack of all the flavors, featuring PB'N Jelly Time, Peas and Carrots, The Great Pumpkin, and I Yam What I Yam. My favorite, paws down, is the peanut butter. I wasn't a huge fan of Peas and Carrots, but it's already been established here that I don't like carrots, so that's a given. The pumpkin was yummy, and I kind of ranked the yam down close the carrots. I saved those for Margo, because I'm kind that way. (What? Yams and carrots are related; I just know it. And Margo loved them!)

For the record, mama had one as well, because they're made from all natural, organic, human grade food. Nothing unhealthy or unwanted in there at all! Her verdict: a bit bland for lack of seasoning and spices, but not bad. They're dog treats, after all! Dogs aren't big on spices; we like things basic and delicious. Pawrents have no idea what healthy is. Sheesh.

We just loved the package from the moment it arrived here. The outside had a sticker on it that said fun things were inside. Even a dog could read that.

See? It says, "good things inside. For dogs only." Trust me. (And then mama went and ate one.)

The bags seal closed to keep the treats fresh, but there's no worries about the treats going bad, because they're made with honey and vitamin E. These ingredients are natural preservatives, and help keep the treats fresh for a year.

The chia seeds, baked right into the recipe, help slow digestion. This allows for your dog's body to absorb more of the incredible nutrients that chia seeds provide. They're also a good source of fiber and natural detox! It's a win all around.

SMARTCOOKEE has expanded so much that they've outgrown their in-home kitchen. They moved into a commercial kitchen just this year, but they still insist on making small batches of treats. This helps them to control the quality and deliciousness factor. It's very appreciated by dogs everywhere.

But all this healthy talk hasn't even covered the fact that the treats are always 100% corn, wheat, soy and gluten free. With allergies on the rise, this is such great news! Any dog can enjoy a single calorie snack and not have to worry about what triggers are in there to cause a reaction, because the answer is NONE. All healthy, all natural, and all delicious. (That should be their new tag line.) (Seriously.)

I'm sure you're wondering how to get your paws on your very own SMARTCOOKEE treats, aren't you? Easy! You can head to their website and order some today. Right now, in fact! But not before you leave a comment here, letting me know which flavor you'd choose if you could have a FREE bag treats of your choice. Yes! I get to share SMARTCOOKEE all natural, single calorie, super healthy snacks with you!

Enter! Share! Win! And definitely enjoy your snacks.

Snack responsibly. Eat SMARTCOOKEE.

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  1. Oh boy those fresh cookies sound yummy
    Lily & Edward

  2. I am always looking for organic, healthy foods for my dog. Thanks for the post! I'll be sure to get some for my dog Ace.

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