About Me

Hi! I'm Karen. I know you were expecting me to say that I am Louie, but I'm the one who writes for him. While he loves to walk all over my laptop, his lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult for him to actually do the blogging.

Louie and I met April 1, 2014. Despite being April Fool's Day, it was no joke that our relationship was meant to be. I went to look at his brother, a handsome brindle pup, and instantly fell in love with Louie instead. His breeder said she was keeping him for herself because he's a special little guy, but after a bit of talk and persuasion, Louie became mine. We have been inseparable since that day, mostly because Louie panics a bit when I am out of his sight. He's a mama's boy, and I'm okay with that.

Louie and I live in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania and enjoy exploring all the beauty around us. He also loves modeling coats for my store, DarlaJanes.etsy.com, and eating All.The.Treats.

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